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Chlamydia Treatment
Chlamydia treatment is available free of charge for all patients who have received a positive result for a STI test.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception
Free Emergency Hormonal Contraception for all females over 13 years of age after a consultation with the pharmacist.

Flu Vaccination
Free flu vaccination for NHS patients that meet the criteria. Over 65 years, asthmatics, diabetics and renal patients. Any other patients requesting a vaccination can be done as a paid service.

Free Condoms
Free condoms are available to young people between the ages of 16 to 24 to reduce the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases amongst this group.

Free Contraception
As part of our Sexual Health Services we offer free contraception in form of either tablets or injection to all women who meet the criteria after having a consultation with the pharmacist.

Free STI testing
We offer free Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) kits to everyone requesting after a consultation with the pharmacist. This allows the patient to perform the test at home and send the kit back to the laboratory for the results.

Pharmacy First Scheme
Free treatments for minor ailments for NHS patients exempt from prescription charges.

Pregnancy Testing
Free service for all our customers as long as they meet the criteria.